Stovepipe’s Good Vibrations Bug Sweepstakes

Stovepipe's Good Vibrations Bug Sweepstakes

UPDATE:¬†Congratulations to the grand prize winner of the Good Vibrations Bug Sweepstakes, John B. of Hawaii. Looks like Stovepipe’s second art car will be headed West.

Winning ticket numbers:
#1646 – Grand Prize, John B – Hawaii
#0131 – 4 Hubcaps, Terri H – Ohio
#1095 – 2 Hubcaps, Alan C – Florida
#1953 – 2 T-shirts, William A – New York
#1852 – 1 T-shirt, Dan H – Virginia

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to everyone for joining us for the 2nd round of Stovepipe’s art car adventures. We’re excited about our new projects within The Rusty VW… stay tuned, because fun stuff is coming soon.



“I’m gonna do it again!” – Stovepipe

If you remember The Flashback Bus, then you’ll want to get in on this, so pay attention.

The gang at The Rusty VW (Stovepipe and Groo) are embarking on another custom-painted art car adventure. This is the second sweepstakes where some lucky VW-loving person will walk away with a fully-running, original hand-painted 1966 VW Bug. We received so much support and attention from our little Flashback Bus Sweepstakes that it only made sense to get Stovepipe painting again, this time on a bug.

There’s a new angle to this too. Since it was such an emotional rush for Stovepipe to say goodbye to his fully painted bus, he wants to share the emotional experience. Therefore, you will be able to suggest what you’d like to see painted on the bug so you can feel a connection too. Stovepipe has final say since there’s only so much real estate on the bug, but we’re actively taking input so this can be a cooperative adventure.

Detailed rules are posted on the website, only 3,000 pieces of limited/signed art and complimentary sweepstakes tickets will be made available. Once they’re gone… that’s it, we draw a winning ticket. Everyone wins and gets something out of this, but hopefully… we all have a lot of fun doing it.

Artwork will be sold on this website and at shows where The Rusty VW attends (mostly in CA, AZ, NV). Artwork (that comes with a complimentary ticket)¬†is $10.00 USD each, no limit to how many are purchased per person. The only limit is the total number of artwork and tickets made available. Get yours now and secure your spot for a chance at an original ‘driveable’ piece of art.

– Finn (aka Stovepipe) & Damon (aka Groo) – The Rusty VW